A new addition to the family is always exciting. Puppies and kittens are fun, playful, and very cute, but they also have different nutrition, vaccination, and training needs than adult pets. Our staff will work with you to create a routine that fits your lifestyle, while meeting the needs of your new pet.

A well-balanced diet is an important part of your new pet’s overall health. We offer multiple choices that are specifically formulated to meet the dietary needs for puppies and kittens, ensuring they are getting the nutritional combination needed for healthy growth. Vet Specialties staff will work with you to determine when your pet is ready to transition to an adult diet.

Your pet should come in for his or her initial exam at around six weeks of age. Our extended appointment times allow our veterinarian to meet with you and develop a vaccination schedule that best meets your new family member’s needs. Your pet will receive boosters every three weeks, with the final set being administered at four months of age. We recognize how quickly your pet changes during this time, which is why we routinely schedule 30-minute appointments for follow-up boosters as well. Contact us to schedule your new pet’s appointment.

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